About Us

Thermline Inc. is an industry leader with national experience in planning and executing food and beverage, industrial and manufacturing projects. Our approach of mixed self performed work and project management capabilities allows for cost effective, safety driven projects that exceed client expectations.

Under the care of Thermline Inc. your project is treated with the innovative thought and collaborative approach your capital investment deserves. We provide value with our experience, our processes and most importantly the trust we earn through our commitment to delivering on what we plan for our clients.

Offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Martinez, California.

On Budget, On Time, Superior Quality, Safely.

We drive our process on three principles, Safety, Quality and Service.  Thermline Inc. believes that these three principles/values drive the right conversations and lead to a healthy planning and execution of your project.

Our Leadership

Our Story

The founders of Thermline Inc. have been executing projects together for a decade as business associates, colleagues and respected professionals. As the market became flooded with opportunity in the Metal Panel business in the Midwest and the need for Construction Managers in the west, Jason, Terry and Joe created a company that combines the strengths of their experience, professional network and contacts.

Thermline Inc. is a part of Ricker company’s portfolio of sister organizations. The sister organizations include, Ricker Thermline (Cold Storage and Highcare Construction), Cold Air Refrigeration (Mechanical Refrigeration), Thermline Inc. (Design Build/EPC/Construction Project Management, Metal Panels), Liner Panel Solutions (Sanitary Wall and Ceiling Solutions).

The Ricker companies work together to deliver projects with a self perform element that creates seamless design, management and execution for our clients projects. This advantage provides more flexibility, speed and value on the projects we execute together.

Let Us Exceed Your Expectations